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Dr. Geoffrey BEATTY is living in a retirement home in Toronto. He writes, “I have a number of interesting terminal conditions that just will not go away or progress to a death form.” Recently, Geoff was in touch with classmate Dr. Jim McGillivray, who lives in Collingwood, Ontario. “I believe he intends to get those in our class together for a meal,” writes Geoff. This year, the Class of 5T3 is celebrating their 70th anniversary.

Dr. Jerome KOPSTEIN sends his congratulations to his classmates on the occasion of their 70th anniversary.


 Dr. John DEADMAN, who is retired as an associate clinical professor at McMaster University, has written a book: Invisible Insanity: A Social History of Mental Illness in Canada and the World. John says that it should be published soon.


 Dr. Bill CUMMING reports, “I seem to have developed epilepsy and diabetes in the recent months. I hope they’ll be controllable.” Bill and his wife live in Gainesville, Florida, in what Bill describes as “a big old house.”

Dr. Ron LEVY continues to practise in Great Neck, New York. In the summer, Ron enjoys fly-fishing, tennis, and golf. He writes, “My daughter Elissa recently had a show of satin tapestries at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and my son Jordan is busy in Los Angeles as the Director of Photography for comedy events and commercials. And Dad is fine! Regards to all.”


Dr. Barry LITTLE recently published a book, The South Side of Queen: A Burlesque Theatre Family Saga. The book traces the history of Barry’s family, who owned and operated the Roxy and Casino theatres, just steps from Toronto’s Old City Hall. In 1935 at the Roxy Theatre, Barry’s grandfather, Avner Appleby, was murdered. In the book, Barry shares his memories of interacting with performers, patrons, politicians, and the police. The South Side of Queen is available in print and electronic versions on Amazon and Book Depository.


Dr. Bill DALE and his wife, Margaret, turned 90 last year. Bill writes, “We both consider ourselves beautiful on the inside but on the outside, not so much. Since moving to Port Hope six years ago, I have had trouble finding a family doctor. Shortly after moving to Port Hope, I ran into an old doctor friend, Bill Harris, and his wife, Penny. We have become good friends and meet every week for an 8 a.m. breakfast at a restaurant on Rice Lake. Bill and I both have atrial fibrillation so we call ourselves the ‘Fibrillating Twins!’”

Dr. Ivan JACKSON spends hours preparing posts that he sends out three times a week. “They tend to have biblical concepts,” he writes. “Over 63-and-a-half years married to my sweetheart, Carol. We now have seven great-grandchildren.” Contact:

Dr. Ted TULCHINSKY, a co-author of The New Public Health, announces that its fourth edition will be released this spring. The first edition came out in 2000; since then, the textbook has been translated into seven languages. “It’s based on over five decades of public health in Canada, Israel, the United States, and Europe,” he writes. “Greetings to the classmates of 6T1.”

CLASS OF 6T8                                                                                        

Dr. Sheila DOYLE writes that she’s “still plugging away! I supervise PAs at a nearby walk-in clinic. This enables them to get the hands-on experience. I monitor online and they call if they need to discuss something. Three days a week, and the work keeps me on my toes. Hope to finish this May!”

Dr. Ian Sutherland thanks his classmates who sent in stories for the Meds 6T8 Class Anthology. It will be ready for the class 55th reunion at Milan & Beth Springle’s home on June 17, 2023. If you would like to contribute a story to the anthology, as soon possible email it to Ian at


Dr. Mel BORINS has released:

  1. The book Bali – A Great Place to Visit. It’s available on Amazon at
  2. The music album “Legacy”
  3. The video Positive Songs and Photos to Lift Your Spirit


Dr. Brian SILVER retired from his midtown Toronto family practice on December 31, 2021. Unfortunately, his retirement did not go as planned. In 2022, Brian’s wife, Dr. Shirley Epstein, also from the Class of 7T5, began “to have some difficulties with balance and some softer cognitive changes,” Brian writes, “and despite many investigations, MRIs, and LPs, she succumbed to an undiagnosed neurological condition by late August.” She was 72 years old. “I have started baking again and am learning to cook,” Brian continues, “but after being with Shirley since our first date on October 16, 1971, it is understandably a difficult transition.”


Dr. James OOI, now 72, is hoping to retire in three different locales, spending about one-third of the year at each location. He wants to retire in Sacramento/Chico in California; Cabo in Baja California Sur, Mexico; and Bend, Oregon. “My retirement places are mostly for my sports,” he explains. “I’ll be snorkelling, scuba diving, and learning to surf in Cabo; and skiing at Mount Bachelor and Lake Tahoe in the winter. Then there’s tennis in between places.” James is interested in meeting with his fellow alumni who have retired. “I have always been curious as to where we would end up after our medical career ends,” he writes. Rather than going to museums or on cruises, he would like to visit you. “Your backyard is my tourist destination,” he writes. “If you desire to come to my backyard, please email me for the times I will be at the various places.” Contact:

Dr. Peter TINITS retired from the practice of anesthesiology in 2022; however, he still works as a coroner. He has written three books. A Cause and Manner is a novel about a sleep-deprived anesthesiologist who consults with his friends about how to deal severely with his wife’s lover; this noir thriller was published in 2020. Millennium Lament is an illustrated collection of poetry and short prose that was published in 2022. And being released this spring is Peter’s latest novel: An Undetermined Manner of Death. Peter writes that in the book, “The attractive beneficiary of a new life insurance policy promotes a homicide verdict to the coroner investigating her father’s apparent suicide.”


Dr. Robert ZELDIN has retired from clinical practice after more than 38 years on Active Staff at Michael Garron Hospital, formerly Toronto East General Hospital. He practised thoracic and general surgery for the first 23 years. Then in 2005, he started focusing on thoracic surgery. Robert helped establish one of the province’s Thoracic Centres of Excellence, which attracted four like-minded surgeons. Now, Robert will assume a mentorship role at Michael Garron Hospital, helping new surgeons get started and older surgeons plan for their retirement. Robert is an avid golfer and swimmer and lately he has become a pickle ball enthusiast.


Dr. Peter DODEK has retired after 30 years of critical care and 36 years of academic life. He is now a professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia. He continues to be a co-investigator in a variety of research projects and is mentoring intensivists in South Asia and Africa through Critical Care Asia/Africa. He also volunteers at a local food bank and enjoys speaking to elementary and high school students about careers in health care. He looks forward to visiting with his classmates at their 45th anniversary reunion in Toronto.


Dr. Steve ROSENFELD retired from orthopedic practice in 2018.


Dr. Katharina MANASSIS, who founded and led a program for anxiety disorders at the Hospital for Sick Children, has written several related books for parents and professionals. Now a professor emeritus in Temerty Medicine’s Department of Psychiatry, she has written another book: How Taking Your Time Saves Time: Paradoxical Lessons for Our Own and Others’ Well-Being. It’s on Kindle and will be available in paperback later this spring. Contact:


Dr. Edsel ING was appointed the Chair of the Ophthalmology Department at the University of Alberta. In August, Edsel will become the Edmonton Ophthalmology Division Zone Chief.


Dr. Shafiq QAADRI
has returned to family practice after 16 years as the MPP for Etobicoke North in Toronto. He writes, “Daughter in med school, son pre-law, youngest son Grade 4, Upper Canada College. The traditions live on ...” Contact:


Dr. Paul THISTLE has provided full-time medical service in Zimbabwe for 28 years, most recently at Karanda Mission Hospital. In 2020, Paul became the Medical Director at Karanda. In 2021, he was appointed the first full Professor in Global Health at the University of Toronto’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. His wife, Pedrinah, is now the Head of the Midwifery Training School. Of their three sons, Alexander, age 18, and Andrew, age 8, attend school in Zimbabwe. Their eldest son, James, is enrolled in a neuroscience program at U of T. Paul writes that he and Pedrinah “believe that their service must be wholehearted and holistic, … to mind, body, and spirit. In African culture, as elsewhere, it takes time and patience to foster strong relationships and build healthy communities. It is worth it! Joy does find a way.” Contact: Photo: The Thistle family in Kenora, Ontario


Dr. Carol DURNO has run her first full marathon, the Paris Marathon on April 2. “I felt I needed to have a goal and do something new in 2023,” writes the longtime runner. “I had raced a number of half marathons, raising money for a number of different charities.” Also a first this year is that Carol trained and ran with her 20-year-old daughter, Cassie King, a third-year health studies student. “We are dedicating this race to raise impactful funds for pediatric cancer research at Sinai Health,” Carol continues. “As a mom, it is wonderful to be having this experience with my daughter.” Photo: Carol Durno with her daughter Cassie.



Dr. Lara CAVANAUGH, a pediatrician, has been in private practice in Tampa Bay, Florida, for 30 years. “I am now a certified life coach and have a private business coaching physicians, residents, and medical students on anything from relationships to time management, charting, motivation, and emotional well-being,” she writes. “It’s so important for physicians to stay well!” Contact:


Dr. Rishi GUPTA is excited to share his new children’s book, Milk, Eggs, Butter, and Broccoli. The story unfolds through imaginative play as the child is guided to tap, press, swipe, tilt, or shake the book. “It’s filled with opportunities for children to practise counting, learn the names of their fingers, test their memory, follow instructions, and sing,” writes Rishi. “All proceeds from the 2023 sales will be donated to the Halifax IWK Children’s Hospital.” Those living in the United States can order the book on Amazon. Canadians can order it by emailing Rishi: For a peek at the book, visit



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