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Dr. Murray MANSON and his daughter Wendy visited Tubac, Arizona, an artist’s colony, in the fall. Then they drove to Bisbee, a picturesque, ex-mining town about 90 miles south-east of Tucson. On his amateur or “ham” radio, Murray enjoys transmitting messages to the United States, South America, and other parts of the world. His call letters are N2IYZ. Photo: Murray and his daughter Wendy in Tubac, Arizona, September 2021


Dr. Ronald LEVY is practising part time in Great Neck, New York. He plays tennis on the weekends and golfs and goes fly fishing in the summer. Ron writes, “How did I get so lucky? Great life, still percolating. I'm a survivor, lucky, and always optimistic. Love to all!” Contact:


Dr. Peter BERNDT continues in his private psychiatry practice in the small community of The Woodlands, Texas, an hour north of Houston. Formerly a family physician in Oakville, Ontario, Peter did a psychiatric residency at the University of Texas Health Center in San Antonio. Peter focuses on the treatment of anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and psychosomatic disorders, using a combination of psychotherapy and medication management. During a two-year sabbatical in Colorado, Peter attended an art school. Now, in addition to practising medicine, he paints in the hyperrealism genre. He is married and has five grown children who live in Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico.


Dr. Martin UNGER started a second career several years ago. Previously, he was a medical consultant for Germiphene, Faberge, and Revlon. Now, he’s the President and CEO of Empire Pharmaceutical Inc., which developed and manufactures Clera, a cold sore medication. Martin has retired from his cosmetic plastic surgery practice but continues to teach and lecture internationally. Contact:


Dr. Jerry FRIEDMAN continues to practise and teach at Michael Garron Hospital in Toronto. He showed his driftwood sculptures at the Artists of the Limberlost Studio Tour in August. For more information, visit or email Jerry at


Dr. Lanny EASON retired from his 30-year pulmonary/critical care practice in Dallas in 2006. Then for 10 years, he was the Chief Medical Officer for Providence Health in southern California. Lanny and his wife, Kay, now live in Green Valley, Arizona, where Lanny enjoys golfing, cooking, writing, and great friends.


Dr. Helen Batty is working on a profile of the Class of 7T3 for next year’s reunion. Helen writes, “Progress on data analysis of my long-term class survey was slowed down in the past couple of years by pandemic disruptions, but I’m still hoping to have big-picture highlights to present next year. Thanks to so many of you who have completed various versions over the decades. One particularly interesting phenomenon is a group of impressive classmates who juggled their medical careers with parenting four, five, or six children. Anybody in this group who would like to describe their strategies for success and survival in a short or long email message to me or on a Zoom chat would be most welcome to contribute their insights. Another question I have for everyone is: ‘Are you still working in some kind of medical area? If so, how many hours a week? Or, what is the date when you retired?’” Classmates can email this information to Helen at


Dr. Paul STEINBERG has written another book: Applying Psychoanalytic Thought to Contemporary Mental Health Practice, which he discusses on a podcast: In this volume, Paul describes the potential for applying psychoanalytic ideas and practice to a variety of mental health care contexts, including group therapy. The new book is a sister volume to his earlier work, Psychoanalysis in Medicine: Applying Psychoanalytic Thought to Contemporary Medical Care. He discusses this book on this podcast: Paul is a clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of British Columbia.


Dr. Margaret JURY has retired from general practice with Student Health Services at Western University in London, Ontario.



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