Thank you so much for your generosity which allowed me to be able to receive this award. As a medical student living in downtown Toronto, there are numerous expenses including living and tuition among others. I support myself financially, and this can be very challenging. It is through the generosity of people like yourself and organizations like the MAA who provide the means for these grants that help ease some of the financial burden of this process and allow me to put more focus into studying to become the excellent physician I aspire to be, and less on the financial difficulties of this process. I am extremely grateful and blessed to be studying medicine in this city, and hope to make a positive impact in the field of healthcare regardless of which specialty I end up in.  Thank you again for this incredible bursary, and I hope that in the future I am in a position to pay it forward and help future medical trainees like myself the way you have helped me.

Medical Alumni Association

of the University of Toronto
The MAA is an independent association funded by U of T MD alumni, working in partnership with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. 

The MAA provides financial assistance to medical students and connects alumni.
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