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Now admit it: didn’t you enjoy your last class reunion? Maybe you didn’t lose that 10 pounds before the big event, but then chances are few of your classmates did either. Like you, they were simply looking forward to catching up with old friends and reflecting on careers and life passages.

Getting together at reunions and staying in touch is rewarding because it makes us feel like we belong to something special. Even better, many alumni want to use that special energy to give something back to the school and the future of their profession.

One way to do this is to establish a class fund to assist a medical student. Your class can set up a fund as a tribute to an individual, a particular specialty, or simply to help a medical student in financial need.

Dr. Barney Giblon and the Class of 5T7 were inspired to recognize their classmate by creating the 5T7 Memorial Dr. Janice Huffman Award in Radiology.
It is designated for a graduating student who has excelled in and who will be specializing in radiology and who has an interest in equity issues.

“Dr. Huffman was one of 16 women graduates in our class,” Dr. Giblon remembers. “She entered a specialty that few women went into at the time and we thought that a memorial award would be a wonderful way to remember a quiet woman who considered her class to be her family.

There are numerous reasons for a class to create a student award,” continues Dr. Giblon. “It isn’t a difficult thing to do and the satisfaction of helping a student — and the enjoyment of working together with past classmates—is enormous.”

For more information on creating your own “Class of” award or bursary, please contact the MAA office at (416) 978-0991 or email at

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The MAA is an independent association funded by U of T MD alumni, working in partnership with the Temerty Faculty of Medicine. 

The MAA provides financial assistance to medical students and connects alumni.
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